Steve Martin has purchased several capos that he is currently using on his beautiful vintage banjos during his tour. Here's what he has to say about them:
"The capos are working great. They've changed the show for me and eliminated the 'tuning worry' I was going through each night."

Look at what Jody Stecher has to say...
"The Perfect Pitch produces a tone virtually identical with a hard nut so I get the same banjo tone on every fret. This may be the first time in banjo history this has occurred and I think it is a significant achievement. In a blindfold test or in listening to a recording there is no way to tell that the banjo has a capo on it. I think this is a major virtue of this capo."

PPC reduces fret wear! Read this…
A message from Jonathan – the new owner

After years of working together on the Perfect Pitch Capo, it's inventor Al Ferguson (my friend and bandmate) has moved on to other things. That means that I am now left as the owner of Perfect Pitch Capo.

I am looking forward to implementing some positive changes - better build quality, faster turnaround, even BETTER customer service (if that's possible!) and some refinements to the design. I will also be posting some new videos on tweaking your capo for best performance.

Still hand-made in the USA!

Customer survey
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About the capo

Capo’s are clamps. Their job is to bring the strings over a fret and down onto the fret-board, creating a new key. In doing so, they stretch and increase the string tension making the pitch sharp. Re-tuning is a necessity.

The Perfect Pitch Capo is also a clamp, but with a difference. A thin spacer plate (arm) slides between the strings and fret-board which minimizes the stretching and therefore keeps the strings in tune. Also, the strings no longer come in contact with the fret to create the key, but rest on the arm’s contoured leading edge which acts like a new nut.

When a capo used, variables such as fret height, accuracy of fret position, fret/string clearance, capo’s pressure, and even string material and wire thickness can all alter the pitch.

The musical instruments used in testing our capo’s were from top quality manufacturers and luthiers. The Perfect Pitch Capo performed flawlessly, predictably, and without disappointment. But the only sure way to know if if produces the same “perfect pitch” on your instrument is to try one. Satisfaction guaranteed, and if you are not satisfied return within 30 days for a 100% refund (including shipping).

The Perfect Pitch Capo  is a high quality stainless steel product that is made to last, and is built in the U.S.A.