Steve Martin has purchased several capos that he is currently using on his beautiful vintage banjos during his tour. Here's what he has to say about them:
"The capos are working great. They've changed the show for me and eliminated the 'tuning worry' I was going through each night."

Look at what Jody Stecher has to say...
"The Perfect Pitch produces a tone virtually identical with a hard nut so I get the same banjo tone on every fret. This may be the first time in banjo history this has occurred and I think it is a significant achievement. In a blindfold test or in listening to a recording there is no way to tell that the banjo has a capo on it. I think this is a major virtue of this capo."

PPC reduces fret wear! Read this…
A message from Jonathan – the new owner

After years of working together on the Perfect Pitch Capo, it's inventor Al Ferguson (my friend and bandmate) has moved on to other things. That means that I am now left as the owner of Perfect Pitch Capo.

I am looking forward to implementing some positive changes - better build quality, faster turnaround, even BETTER customer service (if that's possible!) and some refinements to the design. I will also be posting some new videos on tweaking your capo for best performance.

Still hand-made in the USA!

Customer survey
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The Perfect Pitch Capo©

The first and only capo guaranteed to retain perfect pitch!
No more re-tuning after putting on a capo.


See what Steve Martin and Jody Stecher have to say over on the left!

Hand-made in the USA by musicians for musicians.

Here’s why the Perfect Pitch Capo works
when others don’t.

The reason that all other capos don’t work is that they clamp down on the string behind the fret, forcing the string down causing it to go sharp. There is no way around it – it’s going to happen every time.
The Perfect Pitch capo solves that problem.

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By positioning a plate under the string, effectively re-positioning the nut, the string is not forced down to the fretboard.

The result is that the instrument stays in
after applying the capo.

By the way, there is an unexpected benefit to the design – the tone it produces. Unlike other capos that produce a slightly muted sound, the PPC retains the sound of the nut, capo-ed or not. Look at what Jody Stecher has to say about that in the testimonials on the left!


So, you are saying to yourself,  “Can this be true?” Well, it is true, and there is one guaranteed way to find out – buy it, try it for 30 days and if it does not work as described, return it for a full refund. Need we say more?


Before you order – banjos

How to tell if you have a flat or radius (curved) fingerboard:
It is very important that you order the proper capo for your instrument. Not all Fretboards/Fingerboards are the same. Some have a very slight curve to them across their narrow width.  To see if your fingerboard is flat or radius (curved), place a straight edge such as a ruler across the narrow width of your fingerboard, parallel to one of the frets.  Be sure the straight edge is in direct contact with the fingerboard itself; not the nut, nor the strings nor the bridge! If you notice that the fretboard has a very slight bend to it and does not make perfect contact with the straight edge at all points, then you have a radius (curved) fingerboard.  If the straight edge makes perfect contact with the fingerboard at all points, then you have a flat fingerboard. Now that you know the difference, be sure to order the proper capo for your guitar or banjo!

Keep in mind that 90% of the banjos have a flat fingerboard and nearly 95% of the guitars out there have a radius fingerboard!

Perfect Pitch Capo for banjo – flat fingerboard
$59.00 – free shipping
(US only. International + $10.00 usd)

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Perfect Pitch Capo for banjo – radiused fingerboard
$59.00 – free shipping
(US only. International + $10.00 usd)

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All products carry a 30-day money back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty.

*** Due to low demand and lack of sales, we currently no longer offer the guitar capo.